Tuesday, March 18, 2008


(red = upset)
ROUND I WINNERS (whoop di doo we got to 32)

East: NC, Indy U3, Notre Damn, WAZZU, OK, Louisville, Butler, Tenn,

MidWest: Kansas, Kent St., Villanova, Vanderbilt, USC, Wisc, Davidson; This is my cinderella team), & GW

South: Memphis, Oregon, Mich St., Kentucky, Stanford, Miami, & TX

West: UCLA,( BYU toss up), (Drake-probable bracket buster), U Conn, Purdue, Xavier, AZ, Puke (I mean Duke)


East: NC, WAZZU, Louisville, Tenn

MidWest: Kansas, Vanderbilt, Wisc, GW

South: Memphis, Mich St., Stanford, TX

UCLA, U Conn, Xavier, Duke (I mean Puke)

ROUND III WINNERS (Pretenders vs Contenders in the elite 8)

NC, Louisville

MidWest: Kansas, Wisc

South: Memphis, TX

West: U Conn, Duke

ROUND IV WINNERS (War of attrition to the Final 4)


MidWest: Kansas

South: Memphis

West: Duke

(Like, oh my gaaaawd, we're like, ah, ya know like, in the finals!(hair flip & eye roll) )

NC & Memphis

NATIONAL CHAMPeeeeeN ! ! ! ! !


Monday, March 17, 2008

poppa's got a new lil buddy

Today is the first day POPS had a rider in his 18wheeler. Peter Lindseth from way back in Sunday School is 24yrs old now and looking to check out being a BIG TIME TRUCKER.

Today we went to SCHENECTADY, WATERVLIET, and BENNINGTON VT. We started before sunrise and got all the way home just as the sun set.
I've done this sort of thing time and time again but Pete did great until just before getting home. He was dog tired and felt like he had quite an ADVENTURE.

He will be with me for at least one week. His dad Chris works for the church but is a real junkie for everything to do with TRUCKIN" . It seems his dad is more excited the Peter but that's another story.

The next stop is RHODE ISLAND. That will bring Peter's total number of STATES with his foot print to 8.
Our family has more than double that but then again NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A CHRISTMAN-McCARTY.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just so everyone knows...

I love my mom. 

In other news, I am coming down with something. It eerily has the symptoms of the flu. I would really like it for it NOT to be the flu. Please and thank you. 
We've been having kitty pee problems again at the apartment. Moo (our b&w kitty) has resumed peeing on my belongings in my bedroom. I am currently contemplating putting a litter box in my room, but I am under the assumption that he would use the box instead of my clothes as a place to pee. Who knows if that would work. That's why I am contemplating it, instead of just going out and dropping cash on a litter box. 
School is going well. I have 3 midterms on Monday (YIKES) but it is the last week of classes before SPRING BREAK!! WOOOO!!!

We did get slammed with snow last weekend (was it last weekend? it seems so much farther in the past.). My car got stuck in our parking lot (stupid landlord) but my roommate's boyfriend came over and they both helped push my car out. Also, please make note, that going to buy rock salt, at 8pm, the Sunday after getting 20 inches of snow, will be unproductive.  

Btw, this is Moo. 
Cute, but a royal pain. 

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Virgin Post

Ok. So could I be any more of a dweeb? Total technological idiot but here goes. Like I have anything of interest to write but write I will. This was the weekend of snow and rain and lightening and wind and any other crap you can think of weather wise. Winter can be so over now. This morning on the way to church looked like a blizzard. It is March people. Daylight savings time has started. What is with that? I am tired of winter (who isn't) and would like spring to arrive.

Yesterday Randy & I went to see Vantage Point. Good movie but you really had to pay attention, not necessarily my strong point when it comes to movies. I prefer the romantic comedy, don't really have to put a lot of thought into watching, type of movies but it was good. And Dennis Quaid is in it. Can't really beat that!!!

Today was church and some lame ass potluck after. Not a fan. Was not intending on staying but Sylvia twisted my arm and well...I am weak. The food sucked but what the hell. Love the swearing when I am talking about things that have to do with church. There is something wrong with that on so many levels.

Later, Mindy and I went out to Salsaritas (Duh?!!) but they were closed because they are redoing their floor. What the HELL!!! This is very bad!!! Don't they know I have an addiction?

We ended up at Mindy Wessinger's restaurant which just opened a few days ago and she offered me a part time job, doing whatever I want pretty much, so I may do it. Work a few part time shifts a week, little extra money to pay off some of those college bills and do something different with myself. Jill Stitt also hired me to do a scrapbook for Ashlie's graduation in 6 weeks. It would be of her college years at BYU, 12x12, lot of work but I have done them before, of course not for money. Not sure I can handle all of this but what the heck!!!

Is that the basic idea of this "blog"? Dork, I know!


Things have been pretty hectic in Fredonia and it's mostly due to the weather. This past tuesday evening we had a pretty bad ice storm. It caused the power to go out for about 7 hours starting at 5 in the morning. Unfortunately, the building that I was in is so old that the wiring gets screwed up easily. The power outage didn't help at all and, starting at 545, the building's fire alarms went off for two hours. We were only outside for about 10 minutes of it and for the rest we were inside losing our hearing. It was not a fun day. We had classes canceled until noon, but unfortunately had classes afterwards.

In the past few days we've accumulated near 2 feet of snow I would imagine. It's ridiculous outside. It literally never stops snowing. Of course this weekend has been when I have a million and one things to do around campus. So what would normally be a 3 minute walk is now a 7 minute walk after attempting to trudge through the poorly plowed sidewalks. I'm not usually a complainer about snow because Fredonia gets significantly less snow than Syracuse does, but come on! At least in Syracuse they plow immediately when it starts snowing. Fredonia let's it build up in attempt to get rid of it in one fell swoop.

Let's hope it stops snowing soon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


So, I guess it is my turn now. 

I've been living in Buffalo since the start of the school year with my friend Kariann and her two lovely cats, Chuck & Moo. This is actually my final year as an undergrad (yeay!), and I will be graduating in May with a B.A. in English with a minor in women's studies. Then I guess it is into the real world I go. There is a link to watch the graduation ceremony online, so that is cool. 
I am going to start volunteering with the Girl Scouts here in Buffalo in the next month or so. I don't even know what I am going to be doing. But I am looking forward to it. 
My dad and I are planning a trip for after I graduate. I don't really know where we are going to go, but it should be a nice trip before beginning my life as a college grad. And I should get some nice photos out of it. 

I have my own blog; http://ashlynisalive.blogspot.com, that I update pretty regularly with nerdy pictures of the cats and stuff.