Friday, March 14, 2008

Just so everyone knows...

I love my mom. 

In other news, I am coming down with something. It eerily has the symptoms of the flu. I would really like it for it NOT to be the flu. Please and thank you. 
We've been having kitty pee problems again at the apartment. Moo (our b&w kitty) has resumed peeing on my belongings in my bedroom. I am currently contemplating putting a litter box in my room, but I am under the assumption that he would use the box instead of my clothes as a place to pee. Who knows if that would work. That's why I am contemplating it, instead of just going out and dropping cash on a litter box. 
School is going well. I have 3 midterms on Monday (YIKES) but it is the last week of classes before SPRING BREAK!! WOOOO!!!

We did get slammed with snow last weekend (was it last weekend? it seems so much farther in the past.). My car got stuck in our parking lot (stupid landlord) but my roommate's boyfriend came over and they both helped push my car out. Also, please make note, that going to buy rock salt, at 8pm, the Sunday after getting 20 inches of snow, will be unproductive.  

Btw, this is Moo. 
Cute, but a royal pain. 

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