Monday, March 17, 2008

poppa's got a new lil buddy

Today is the first day POPS had a rider in his 18wheeler. Peter Lindseth from way back in Sunday School is 24yrs old now and looking to check out being a BIG TIME TRUCKER.

Today we went to SCHENECTADY, WATERVLIET, and BENNINGTON VT. We started before sunrise and got all the way home just as the sun set.
I've done this sort of thing time and time again but Pete did great until just before getting home. He was dog tired and felt like he had quite an ADVENTURE.

He will be with me for at least one week. His dad Chris works for the church but is a real junkie for everything to do with TRUCKIN" . It seems his dad is more excited the Peter but that's another story.

The next stop is RHODE ISLAND. That will bring Peter's total number of STATES with his foot print to 8.
Our family has more than double that but then again NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A CHRISTMAN-McCARTY.

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